Widows Sons Alliance Worldwide, Inc.



The Widows Sons International Alliance MRA, Inc. was created to combat the forces of the illegally formed "Executive Council", a hand picked group with the intentions of dictating to the Widows Sons at large.


The "Alliance" is a Board of Widows Sons, elected by Widows Sons from all over the nation.  They are not a chapter and are not a governing body and realize that all states, provinces and countries are autonomous. The Alliance can be equated to a "Shop Steward" within a union. There when you need them and only to help. Consider the Alliance as the "legal arm" of the Widows Sons, when and if needed.


The "Alliance holds conference calls as needed and all member states are notified through their state, province or country President and/or representative, via emails from the Guardian of Membership.


If your state, country or province is not currently involved but would like to be included, please send an email to Wally Maybery at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Please include your state and position.


The officers are elected bi-annually.  The 2016-2017 officers are:


President: Brother Andy Reynolds (NY)

Vice President: Rob Myers (SD)

Secretary: Stephen Munz, Pro Tem (CT)

Treasurer: Brother Bob Rathbun (VA)

Guardian of Membership: Brother Wally Maybery (VA)


Alliance Meeting By-Laws can be found at the following link: 






Widows Sons Alliance Core Values



Honest and Open Communications


All communications with Widows Sons Chapters and brother Widows Sons shall be open, honest and in the spirit of brotherly love to insure cooperation and continuous improvement and betterment of Widows Sons everywhere.




Widows Sons should be honest and of strong moral character to reflect our righteousness to the public at large.




We shall strive to work together for the good of the Widows Sons in order to achieve shared goals of friendship and brotherly love.




For all Widows Sons chapters, brother Widows Sons and all Masons within our communities, along with everyone we come in contact with throughout the world.




We will hold ourselves accountable for all actions, behaviors and how we represent the Widows Sons and Masonic Fraternity as a whole.




We will be the Widows Sons advocate by providing brotherly advice and guidance to insure that all Widows Sons represent our organization in the best possible light, as per our oath and obligation.


"We are here to work for you and on your behalf when requested to do do."