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Widows Sons Chapters

 These are the Grand Chapters and Associate Chapters of the Widows Sons. Links are provided to their individual homepage where available.


 Alabama (Heart of Dixie Grand ChapteróMontgomery

 Dixie Travelers (Mobile)

 Brothers in the Wind (Huntsville)

 Knights Kadosh (Bay Minette)





 High Twelve (Sothern Alberta)


 Arkansas AWSMRA

 Grand Chapter (Bentonville)

 Boaz (Alma)

 Ruffians (Little Rock)

 Wardens (Malvern)

 Knights of Tyre (El Dorado)

 Sanctorum Guard (Ft. Smith)



 Travelers (Fresno)

 Desert Knights (Blythe)

 Brazen Pillars (Napa-Solano Counties)

 Brothers of Tyre (Central Valley)





 Twin Pillars (New Milford)

 Knights of the Quarry (Northeast Corner)





 Knights of the East Grand Chapter (SW Florida)

 Ashlars (Ft. Lauderdale)

 Bykota (Palm Beach)

 Craftsmen (Leesburg)

 Hiramís Riders (Melbourne)

 Hiramís Wheels (Tampa Bay)

 Islands (Florida Keys)

 Knights of Solomon (Orlando)

 Knights of the Eagle (Sarasota)

 Low Twelve (Pensacola)

 Mount Moriah (Polk County)

 Suncoast Riders (Pinellas)

 Templars (Jacksonville)

 Tylerís Sword (Ocala)

 XL & MM (Ft. Meyers)





 MMM CCC Grand Chapter (Valdosa)

 North East Corner (Monroe)



 Illinois Grand Chapter (Lyons)

 Chicago (Romeville, Will County)

 Dark Side (West Side)

 5 Points (Streator)

 357 Brotherhood (Chicago)

 2 Rivers (Cairo)

 Sanctum Sanctorum (Lebanon)

 Illuminati (Greater Chicagoland Area)

 Paul Revere Riders (Peoria)

 Great River (East MolineóQuad Cities)


 Indiana (Austin)

 Brothers of the East (Knox)

 Craftsmen (Indianapolis/New Palastine)

 The Family (Indianapolis)

 Hiramís Brothers (Rising Sun)

 Journeymen (Milan)

 Knights of the Craft (Monticello)

 Low Twelve Riders (Greenville)

 Madison County (Anderson)

 Overseers (Kokomo)

 Rough Ashlars (Mooresville)

 Ruffians (Elkhart)

 StoneCutters (Whiting)

 Templars (Warsaw)





 47th Problem (Enterprise)

 Adelphi Travelers (Winfield)

 Ashlars (Wichata)

 Poor Brothers of the Road (Lyndon)

 Prairie Travelers (Northeast Kansas)



 Ancient Brotherhood (Phelps)

 Brothers of Virtue

 Hirams Knights

 Level Riders

 Mountain Brothers (Sassafras)

 Knights of the Widow

 Night Watchmen

 Royal Arch


 Solomonís Builders

 Stone Cutters (Paducah)

 Temple Builders

 Three Rivers


 Traveling Gavel (Madisonville)

 Wayfarerís (Louisville)



 Pine Tree Riders (Old Orchard Beach)


 Manitoba (Winnipeg)



 Five Points



 Grand Chapter

 Cape Cod





 Grand Chapter (Holly Springs)

 Pinebelt Travelers (Pine Belt)


 Missouri (St. Joseph)

 Brothers for Charity (Brookfield)

 Knights Templar (Kansas City)

 Men of Tyre (Southeast Missouri)

 Raised From The Grave (Neosho)

 Rawhide Knights (Sedalia)

 Solomonís Tribe (Lebanon)

 Throttle Masters (Columbia)


 Montana (Laurel)



 Sublime Chapter (Hastings)





 Unforgiven Sons (Reno)


 New Brunswick


 New York


 Ohio (Twinsburg)

 Middle Chambers (Central Ohio)

 Passkeepers† (Cleveland Area)

 Solomons Builders (Cincinnati Area)

 Solomons Sevens (Springfield Area)

 Sublime Principles (Seville)



 Grand Chapter (Tulsa)



 Grand Chapter (Pickering)

 Durham (Durham)

 Grand River (Grand River)

 South Coast (Pickering)





 Grand Chapter (Philadelphia)

 Lions Grip (Western PA)

 Marked and Hewn (South Central PA)

 Mystic Riders (Johnstown, Western PA)



 Quebec (Montreal)





 Grand Chapter (Memphis)

 Hiram (La Follette)

 Ardmore (Ardmore)



 Tribe of Naphtali (Dallas East)

 Rough Ashlars (Dallas West)

 Stonecutters (Fort Worth)

 East Wind Riders (Terrell)

 Tribe of Huaco (Waco)

 King Solomons Travelers (Austin)

 Ancient Brothers (Odessa)

 Sons of Solomon


 UK & Scotland

 East Anglia (East Anglia, UK)

 Northumberland (Northumberland, UK)

 South East (Southeast, UK)

 Wales National (Wales)

 Scotland (Scotland)


 Virginia Grand Chapter (Hampton)

 Knights of Solomon

 Knights of the East

 Lions Tribe (Richmond)

 Bull Run (Gainsville)

 Guardians (Haymarket)




 Wisconsin Grand Chapter (Milwaukee)